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Time to upgrade your skincare routine with Stripey Horse's Body Tool. This gua sha helps relieve tension from the face and body. It's also anti-aging and provides balance and inner peace within the body. You deserve the full body gua sha experience to relieve stress and regain your youthful glow!

Stripey Horse's BODY TOOL is specifically made for facial and body massage, to effectively support and improve the appearance of skin.

Our BODY TOOL is beneficial in relieving muscle pains, especially 'tech neck'. This pain usually presents as a headache or upper back tension, often due to sitting in front of a computer or phone with poor posture for extended periods. It can be quickly relieved with regular use of gua sha.

Benefits of regular gua sha massage on the body:
- Increased blood flow
- Soothed muscles
- Increased lymphatic flow (toxin release)
- Reduced cellulite in the legs
- Reduced cortisol (help destress)
- Increased immunity
- Increased hydration (oils)

First up, apply some oil to lubricate your skin. Remember to perform strokes towards the heart using your BODY TOOL gua sha.

We recommend starting in feet or hands before moving up towards the torso region for optimal benefits from this Chinese Massage technique. Avoid pressing too hard because some spots may be more sensitive than others. You can always change positions if something doesn't feel right. Listen closely to what your body needs at each area.

At Stripey Horse we recommend doing 3-5 strokes per area in order to try to get into the fascia and address pain. If there is any bruising, this is just stagnation leaving the body. Please avoid performing gua sha over areas of the skin that are showing redness or bruising from a previous session. Wait until it fades before doing more of those specific areas on your body. With time the bruising will lessen greatly; or just stop using so much pressure to prevent bruising altogether!

Don’t forget to address the tight abdominal muscles, hip flexors and any scars you may have. Most people can address most of their neck and lower back, chest and abdomen. You can gua sha your chest, upper and lower arms and even your armpits. You will be surprised how much tension is in this area and of course the armpits are full of lymph nodes. You can also use the tool on the tight muscles behind the head and neck and across the chest and pectoral muscles- apply Stripey Horse serum to these areas before using the tool, to encourage your lymph pathways to flow first.

We recommend rotating around the body and working on one section of the body daily. This creates a regular practice and helps with consistency. If you only use your gua sha using light pressure ,to encourage reduced puffiness, you can do this every day.

Cleanse your tool after using with gentle soap and water and don’t share with others. After performing your gua sha, drinking a cup of warm water and resting for 15-20 minutes can not only replenish the fluids but also promote metabolism. This will help you get the best results, fast!

PRO TIP - when you begin to use the gua sha tool, keep it fairly flat — most people automatically want to put at 90 degrees but work best around 15 so that a lot of surface area is flush with skin and feels good on your body. Do this regularly, and you will feel how good it is to be free from stress and body aches.

Stripey Horse's BODY TOOL is 100% naturally made from ethically sourced bian stones that help detoxify, moisturize the skin, regenerate muscles, and calm nerves.

All gua sha variations produced by Stripey Horse, including this BODY TOOL don't contain any harmful chemicals or irritants. Instead, each gua sha is a natural healing stone that's been used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine methodology for thousands of years. Gua sha are a combination of stone and minerals which make them more effective for healthy glowing skin.

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