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Love a good pedicure but don't know how to maintain it? Or maybe you want that salon quality smooth skin feel right from the comfort of your own home?

Well, say hello to Stripey Horse's Ultimate Hydration Socks. These reusable silicon socks are an easy, sustainable, and proven way to keep your feet silky smooth. Whatever your skin goals may be, after applying your favourite moisturizer, slip on this pair of silicon socks and wait to see how well they lock moisture in. Get beautiful skin without costing the earth. 

Use Stripey Horse's reusable ULTIMATE HYDRATION SOCKS to lock in your favourite hydrating products, to repair barrier function and to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These reusable socks boost the efficacy of your moisturizer- they lock in moisture by decreasing water evaporation during the application of hydrating skincare products, such as oils and moisturizers.

This pair of ULTIMATE HYDRATION reusable silicon socks are an at home cure for salon quality hydration. These socks don't dry out quickly, so you can rely on them to lock in moisture. These can be repurposed and reused after washing.

Our favourite way to use them? Pair them with our Ultimate Hydration Resuable Gloves for double the moisture. Multi-task and obtain salon quality hydration for your hands and feet at home!

We recommend applying your favourite thick moisturizer before slipping the ULTIMATE HYDRATION SOCKS on and putting your feet up for a while - maybe while enjoying a soothing cup of tea!

1. Use a quality body exfoliator with natural buffer or a sugar and olive oil mixture to help lift any dead skin.
2. Pat dry and apply a good quality deeply nourishing moisturizer or body oil.
3. Use the body tool for 5-10 mins.
4. Slip on these socks, put your feet up and relax for 10-20 mins.
5. Remove the socks and admire your skin's natural radiance!

PRO TIP - To look after your silicon socks, wash with gentle natural soap and leave to dry thoroughly before returning them to their box.

100% medical grade silicon.

We hope to encourage more people to switch to sustainable choices without sacrificing their favourite self-care activity through this product. If handled with care, these ULTIMATE HYDRATION SOCKS can be used for several years or longer.

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